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Developer Guide (User Guide)

Finding devices

var provider = new SensorDroneProvider();
var devices   = await provider.ScanAsync();

Connect to a device

bool connected = device.ConnectAsync();
string version = device.Version;
string name    = device.Name;

Determine what sensors are connected

var sensors = device.Sensors;
foreach(var sensor in sensors)

Enabling sensors

var enabled = await device.EnableAllAsync();


bool enabled = device.Enable("Ambient"); 

Sampling Sensors

To sample a sensor value

var reading = device.Sample("Voltage");


var reading = await device.SampleAsync("Voltage");

The Reading class provides the following properties
  • Name The name of the sensor
  • Value The sampled valued
  • Unit The unit of measure

The Measure property provides a SI unit of measure, if applicable
The AlternateUnits property lists alternative units of measure e.g. Celsius, Kelvin or Fahrenheit for temperature.
var value = reading.Measure.GetValue(reading.AlternateUnits[0]);

Using Rx

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